Beth Yeshua, a Jewish Messianic Congregation

Services on Saturdays
Nowadays some people call their Bible study, or fellowship, or congregation a “Messianic congregation”, when they conduct their services on Saturdays. That is strange for all those faithful people who confess the same Messiah in their churches on Sundays. And it is confusing toward people who might even begin to think that Messianic and Messianic Jewish is the same matter.

What already existed
Understandably many calls and remarks come to us concerning this terminology from sincere Christians who say that they also confess the Messiah. Moreover Seventh Day Adventists and Seventh Day Baptists also have their services on Saturdays. Messianic congregation, in our Dutch language it sounds good and like something new, a term for what already existed.

So what is a Jewish Messianic congregation?
It is a congregation in which Jews find their spiritual home when they get to know the Messiah. A home which opens its doors affectionately as well for non-Jews to connect heartily. A Jewish congregation where grace and truth are the age old pillars of faith, besides Torah and the Messiah. Jewish liturgical prayers next to singing and dancing, Hebrew readings from the Torah scroll and the Prophets as well as readings from the New Testament. Rules and regulations besides respect for people who see things a bit different, that and more.

Why a Jewish Messianic congregation?
From the exodus out of Egypt Jews experienced their faith together with non-Jews and they shared their lives. A mixed multitude went with Israel, up to freedom. Later on the Temple would become a House of Prayer for all people, see Isaiah 56. Where Jews and non-Jews celebrate Shabbat and bring their sacrifices. That is to say with a Jewish basis of faith expression, next to everyone’s personal experience. Like the parable of the Olive Tree, see Romans 11; it also stipulates this Jewish foundation.

Beth Yeshua
In Amsterdam, Holland, you will find Beth Yeshua, a Jewish Messianic Congregation, founded at Sukkot of 1991. And now already more than 19 years old. The congregation is established in Holland, in the 21st century city of Amsterdam. In Beth Yeshua the Jewish faith is practiced, like it has been done in the first century in Jerusalem and other cities and villages in Israel by Jews and non-Jews who at that time already appreciated that it is possible to be Jewish and to believe in Yeshua as Messiah. Beth Yeshua: a Jewish Messianic Congregation with an open door.