Founders of Beth Yeshua Amsterdam, Messianic Jewish congregation

Beth Yeshua was established by Lion and Elze Erwteman during Sukkot 1991, on September 28

Weekly services on Shabbat and all Jewish holidays

Beth Yeshua is a Jewish Messiah confessing congregation, located in Amsterdam where weekly services are held, in addition to all Jewish festivals. The congregation is nationally oriented, with departments spread across the Netherlands.


Beth Yeshua is 30 years old on op September 7 of 2021. Lion Erwteman is the son of two Jewish parents and was born in Eindhoven in 1949. Lion and his wife Elze graduated in biology. Lion and Elze Erwteman founded the congregation in Amsterdam. They lead the congregation with various teams.


The congregation has public weekly services, celebrations of all Jewish holidays, Jewish education, fun activities, interesting lectures, courses, youth work, education, social-pastoral and financial care.


Beth Yeshua works together and is closely associated with a large religious ordaining organisation in America and with leaders of congregations in the Netherlands and with Jewish Messianic congregations in Israel, especially the congregation of Netivyah (Roeh Israel), led by Joseph Shulam and Yuda Bachana (son-in-law of Lion and Elze Erwteman).