G-d created double. Watch double!

Creation took place in duality. As if the Lord built in the possibility to withdraw Himself in case of spiritual contamination. That application worked well when humankind corrupted itself and its environment in Gan Eden (Paradise). Walking in the cool of the evening became impossible for G-d.

Earthly looks like heaven The duality is visible in the fact that there is a microcosm and a macrocosm which look similar. Experienced rabbis and Biblical prophets have let us know that the environment where G-d resides, including the Tabernacle and its belongings, looks like the model G-d had shown to Moses on mount Sinai.

From stars to Higgs particle Also the services in the Temple apparently look like the services in the heavenly Temple. There have been times in which people assumed that G-d’s angels were present at earthly services. Astrophysicists have made known that the elements in people and in animals (carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, etc.) are also present in big stars. However small or large our scope is, also there we find the duality of G-d’s creation. The particle which is assumed to be the smallest of all particles and has been made visible in the particle accelerator in Switzerland is the Higgs particle, also called the G-d particle.

Creation started with the big B At the very beginning of Tananch duality is expressed already. The first letter of Genesis is B, both in English and in Hebrew the second letter of the alphabet. In Hebrew the numeric value of this letter is: 2. The meaning of the letter there is: with. The remainder of the word – reshit – literally means: firstfruit. So in verse 1 it says, “with the firstfruit G-d created heaven and earth.” Duality in the Creator – G-d and firstfruit – and in what was created: heaven and earth. Even the the Hebrew word for heaven shows duality. Shamayim literally means: two heavens.

Duality everywhere Life, a fundamental word in Tanach and New Testament, is plural in Hebrew: hayyim. Likewise the phenomenon of death bears duality: death by wrong things someone does and being dead to wrong inclinations. Two special trees in Paradise underline duality in their own way. One of them is the tree giving life and the other one is the tree showing the wrong combination of good and evil which produces forbidden fruit for people.

Choose and live There is something beautiful in the duality which G-d created. It is a pattern which one can find everywhere. Also in people being earthly and spiritual, body and soul. All this is to show that there is a heavenly architect who leaves a clear fingerprint. Purpose of it is to recognize it. Learn to look double. Enjoying the greatness of G-d’s creation all the way to the magnificent smallest details starts from that moment.

Right and wrong duality And what more does all this duality mean? Leading us to choose between right and wrong. Mixing them is not part of the deal. In G-d there is no duality in message and quality: in Him is no darkness, only light. The fact that people are earthly and heavenly is Good News for those who didn’t know that yet. Then comes the struggle against double agendas and using G-d’s power to stay on His path.

Learning to watch double The initiative to this liberation the Lord has put into the Exodus from the land of Egypt, the name of which in Hebrew contains duality: Mitzrayim, double occupation. G-d created in duality. Learn to see double, there is earth and the heavens. Enjoying the greatness of G-d’s creation all the way to the magnificent smallest details starts from that moment.

Lion S. Erwteman