Iran still working on nuclear weapons

CNN announced that the latest National Intelligence Estimate says it is now believed Iran stopped its weapons program in 2003. Tehran has always maintained its nuclear program is being developed purely for peaceful purposes. BBC announces that the US and other Western powers say Iran is trying to build a nuclear weapons capability.
Iran is currently under UN Security Council and unilateral US sanctions.
But the BBC News website’s world affairs correspondent, Paul Reynolds, says the question of sanctions remains active because Iran is still defying Security Council calls for it to suspend uranium enrichment. The standoff is now likely to continue indefinitely but at a lower temperature, he says.
Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said he welcomed the change of opinion. It’s natural that we welcome it when those countries who in the past have questions and ambiguities about this case … now amend their views realistically," he said. Iranian state TV hailed the report as a "victory". It said Iran was "honest" and had been "vindicated", while it said the report demonstrated flaws in US intelligence.
Accoording to Arutz-7 Israel’s Defense Minister Ehud Barak says Israel’s assessment is that Iran did stop work on its nuclear bomb in 2003, just as the United States announced – but that it resumed its efforts sometime afterwards.

Barak, a former Israeli Prime Minister, says the U.S. intelligence assessment that Iran has stopped work on its nuclear program is not shared by Israel. "Iran did stop its nuclear program for a time in 2003," Barak told Army Radio on Tuesday morning (December 4 2007), "but in our assessment, it resumed its work at a certain point."