Israel 65 years

From 2013 CE lsrael is a renewed state for 65 years
And Jerusalem is her undivided capital for 46 years
As a people Israel already exists from 1312 BCE

In 65 years Israel achieved more than other countries did in centuries. The State of Israel survives in spite of all oppression and under the most bizarre circumstances. The country has been built on the ashes of World War II. Jews who now live in and outside of Israel have shown how to survive the sick and calculated genocide. On the soil of the territory given to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob we have shown the wisdom to build a state. Mud pools with creepy animals became land, desert has been changed into green and cultivated gardens and orchards. After the last world war Israel survived seven more wars. Killing crusades lead by Arab armies which were at least 13 times larger than the Israeli army. This is the threat from outside. Inside is the challenge to coexist peacefully. Israel there are people of more than 100 nationalities who all in all know how to live together well more or less.

Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. The country has the highest amount of graduates at their universities. Mo less than 120 Jews won Nobel prices. Food has been given to the population of East Jerusalem and help to inhabitants of Gaza by Israel. Arab patients are being cared for in Israeli hospitals. Israel owns the worldwide known Surgical Research and Burn Unit in the Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. Israeli engineers invented and developed an endoscope camera in a pill in order to be able to examine the intestines completely without any problem or discomfort for patients. Call center technology, hardware and software, has been developed in Israel and sold worldwide. The famous memory stick was an Israeli invention. Watch the short movie on Israel when it celebrated 61 years.

Children from Darfur have come under care of the Israeli government and go to school in their new homeland. Israel developed the famous digital ExLibris system for libraries, which is being used on 17,000 sites in 70 countries. The first high resolution camera for mobile phones (TransChip) was an Israeli invention. With their identity covered Israeli nurses rendered medical assistance to Islamic refugees in Somalia. The well-known Windows XP program has been developed mostly by Microsoft-Israel. On Wall Street the amount of Israeli comes right after those of the US.