Jewish National Firstfruits Fund (JNEF)
oasis for Messianic Israel
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The first harvest
Tanach announces that there will be a time when Israel, wherever it is located at that moment, will come to faith. Whether it is the prophecy of Ezekiel or the writings of Shaul (Paul) in the New Testament, this promise is clearly there. The first “harvest” of this revival among Israel is also visible in The Netherlands by means of the Jewish Messianic movement. This branch of Judaism is a unique testimony, which has not been there for almost 2000 years but is present for 29 years now in The Netherlands, in Israel and almost all countries in the world. A testimony of life and movement.

Through the years the Jewish Messianic congregation Beth Yeshua, established in 1991 by Lion and Elze Erwteman, has played a leading role in making known its vision in The Netherlands. In the year 1996 the Jewish National First Fruit Fund has been established (JNEF). This Fund has been managed for the onset by the foundation Beth Yeshua Netherlands. The name Firstfruits was chosen because Messianic Jews are the first “harvest” of a worldwide revival among Jews. Several Jewish Messianic organisations have been supported financially by the Fund, with an amount of more than € 40,000 per year. The Fund has been recognised officially as one which allows tax exemption.

Projects of this Fund
The JNEF consists of the following project groups:
1. General Fund
2. Congregations
3. People in financial need
4. Soup kitchens, lone soldiers, etc.
5. Conveying the Good News

Project Group 1: General Fund
Twice a year a delegation of the JNEF visits a certain amount of supported projects in Israel. Old and also new projects can be observed and assessed on location. From the General Fund JNEF is able to support projects with high urgency. Also all costs are being paid from the General Fund which are related to provide continuation and future to the JNEF.

Project group 2: Congregations
The support by the JNEF goes to established stable congregations. These are congregations in Israel which are well known, and have leadership with proven Jewish Messianic vision and clear fertile results.

Project group 3: People in financial need
Repeatedly the JNEF has been confronted with grinding poverty in Israel. We talk to many people in dire need of finances. Sometimes we meet organisations which under the pretext of assistance are able to collect lots of money, money which does not find its way to projects advertised by these organisations. The JNEF sees it as its duty to assess whether organisations asking for money are operating in good faith. Victims of terror attacks need our support, as do also survivors of the Shoa, the Second World War. There are people who live on the streets and who need a home and a programme in order to heal from trauma and/or illegal drugs. A large group of people live under the poverty threshold. All these people need and receive our financial support and our prayers.

Project group 4: Soup kitchens, lone soldiers, etc.
Education on Torah, Prophets, Writings and New Testament is indispensable in order to preserve the vision of Messianic Judaism for future generations. This kind of education provides people with the riches of biblical insight and vision which lead to greater faith (trust) and the consequent deeds. True Jewish Messianic education is a rare article, also in Israel. That’s why the JNEF is critical towards what kind of education is being supplied. Only the best is good enough and deserves your support.

Project group 5: Bringing the Good News
It is a biblical assignment to proclaim the Kingdom of the G-d of Israel and His Messiah, in the first place to Israel. Doing that the JNEF supports those who bring hope those hopeless people and comfort to those who are brokenhearted. Establishing new congregations with the right philosophy of ministry and decisiveness is a costly and precious matter needing our help. Especially the youth needs the message of Good News. Radio reaches beyond borders and is able to reach many who are safe within their homes to get involved with the radical message of Torah and New Testament. The JNEF makes sure that your money will reach the right people and the best of organisations.

Contact with the JNEF
Questions and suggestions can be directed to:
telephone: +31 (0)20 – 890 69 50 (Tue. and Thu., 9.30 a.m. – 5 p.m.)

Bank information
Our bank account number is: NL90RABO0379819007,
attn. Stg. Beth Yeshua Nederland, city of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Please mention: “JNEF”.