Last day of life of Moshe

On the last day of his life Moshe seals the covenant which he has become famous for. It is the covenant which caused Israel to be viewed as immature by theologians and which theologians have discarded as old and replaced.

Parshat Nitzavim gives the report of how all of Israel, young and old, men and women, priests, Levites, Am Haaretz, and strangers (non-Jews), are introduced and initiated into this holy covenant once again and for the last time during Moshe’s life on earth.

This covenant has never been replaced and it is meant to be valid for Israel forever. The new covenant never replaced this one. New in the meaning of throwing the old one away is the consumer mentality which characterizes Christian theology. The G-d of Israel neither changes His mind nor His choice of bride, nor His name into one of another religion.

Keeping Torah means belonging to His people and participating in His promises. Not because keeping any commandment culd save or deliver a person. But Torah is the jewel around the neck of G-d’s bride. And she wants to wear it!