Melach HaArets (in Dutch)
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THE Jewish Messianic magazine of The Netherlands

Information and bridging function
Bimonthly magazine has been published for more than 27 years,  but now only available digitally. Purposes: informing and building bridges. The bridging function makes itself known challengingly towards churches and synagogues, through the media and via internet. We are known. People visit our congregation and/or our three websites:;;, and by reading our magazine Melach HaArets.

studies of the holidays at their moments in the year
articles by authors from abroad
announcements of our conferences (twice a year)
weekly Torah studies by various authors
issues for prayer regarding Israel
page for children
questions by readers and our answers
projects in Israel
who is who in Tanach

Getting involved
Much is happening in The Netherlands. The Sabbath is being rediscovered as part of G-d’s commandments and meant to be the foundation of a healthy spiritual way of life. Also the work of our Messiah in His original Jewish environment. What is needed besides being critical is openness toward each other and mutual acceptance. Melach HaArets endeavours to realise all these issues. Your involvement is of importance. Read more under: Publications.