Magazine Melach HaArets

Voice of the Jewish Messianic Platform
Melach HaArets (Salt of the Earth) is the only magazine of its kind in Holland which educates its readers concerning the developmens of the Jewish Messianic movement in Holland and abroad. It is the voice of the Jewish Messianic Platform in Holland. The magazine has ties with the Jewish Messainic Congregation Beth Yeshua in Amsterdam, Holland and it is published in the Dutch language by the foundation Beth Yeshua Netherlands.

Articles in this Dutch magazine
•  Parashat Hashavuah, the weekly Bible reading in the synagogue
•  Education on Torah, the feasts and memorial days by national and international authors
•  Page for children by Noa Naor (Jerusalem, Israel)
•  supported projects in Israel (now € 60,000.- per year)
•  new books and CD’s
•  Bible studies by Yuda Bachana (Jerusalem, Israel)

•  Email:
•  Phone: +3120 890 69 55