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Restorationdoor D. Thomas Lancaster | Beth Yeshua, in Amsterdam (Netherlands)

door D. Thomas Lancaster


Bijbels Christendom was oorspronkelijk een sekte van het jodendom die geloofden in Yeshua (Jezus) en de Torah vereerd als de kern van haar Schriften. Restauratie is een meeslepende argument voor een terugkeer naar die oorspronkelijke bijbelse uitdrukking van het geloof in Yeshua (Jezus).

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Discover for yourself the profound beauty of Torah life, the celebration of the biblical Sabbath and the appreciation of God`s Holy Feast Days. Biblical Christianity was originally a sect of Judaism that believed in Jesus and revered the Torah, The Five Books of Moses as the core of her Scriptures. Restoration is a riveting argument for a return to that original, biblical expression of faith in Jesus. A powerful new introduction to Torah that graciously presents the Torah and its message in simple and easy to understand terms.
Restoration will assist people to make the transition to Torah and discipleship in Yeshua. Those who are already on the path will find this book helpful in verbalizing their convictions. More than that, they will find it to be a compelling tool in presenting the message of Torah to friends and family. 193 pages.

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