Israel 69 years as state!

On the eve of May 1, when 4 Iyar develops into 5 Iyar, Yom HaZikaron begins, the dag on which we commemorate those killed by enemies because of the freedom of Israël.

Statistics for 2017 published by the Israel Defense Ministry show that the number of the fallen in the line of duty or in terror attacks is 23,544. This includes the IDF fallen soldiers and the wars of Israel from 1860 to date.

This past year, 97 people have died as a result of lone wolf terror attacks and stabbings. An additional 37 disabled veterans succumbed to their wounds and were recognized as IDF fallen this year. The fallen leave behind 9,157 bereaved parents, 4,881 widows, and 1,843 orphans aged up to 30 (as stated by Keren Kayemet LeIsrael, see here).

We commemorate all of them with gratefulness and with compassion. The next day we celebrate, because Israël exists 69 years as state and as only democratically governed country in the Middle East. On May 2 we celebrate Israels Independence Day, Yom Haatzmaut.