Belangrijke onderscheiding voor J.I.J.


door Calev Myers
(Het J.I.J. wordt financieel ondersteund door het speciale Fonds van de stichting Beth Yeshua Nederland, het Joods Nationaal Eerstelingen Fonds)December 2016 – Dear Friends,

I would like to applaud JIJ’s CEO, Flavia Sevald for receiving the Freedom Foundation Award for 2016 for her consistent and fruitful efforts at fighting the objectification and sex slavery of women, men and children in Israel.

Flavia was granted the award in a special ceremony last week for her work with JIJ’s Project NOA (Not Objects Anymore). She successfully represented JIJ over the past year at 12 governmental committee meetings. Flavia stood at the forefront of a public demonstration before a popular strip-club in Tel-Aviv, engineered and oversaw the implementation of our Human Dignity school curriculum in which 300 students participated and learned about the dangers of the sex industry. She also lead an unprecedented social media campaign exposing over 24,000 readers to anti-prostitution articles and more than 200 thousand viewers to anti-prostitution advertisements, while simultaneously networking with the Coalition for Combating Prostitution and Human Trafficking in Israel.

Flavia deserves warm congratulations for leveraging JIJ’s resources in such an impactful manner. Advancing human rights in the Middle East is not an easy job and it takes someone with a big heart and tenacious persistence to do it well. JIJ is extremely privileged to have Flavia working at the head of its advocacy team.

From a very proud Founder on behalf of the JIJ team,
Calev Michael Myers
P.S.Regarding the Arson Terror Attacks

I would like to thank all of those who prayed for Israel as we have faced over 550 forest fires in the last week, most of which were ignited by arson. I personally volunteered for a local initiative to patrol the forests around my neighborhood and help put out fires. It was encouraging to see the voluntary team-work and camaraderie within our communities, and to know that thousands of friends around the world were praying for us. With each new creative form of intifada, the resolve and unity within the Israeli society is deepened and strengthened.