Jewish Messianic Platform

magazineIn 1991 the Jewish Messianic Platform was established in the Netherlands. Meanwhile already 29 years ago! From there the Beth Yeshua congregation was founded by Lion and Elze Erwteman. The purpose of the congregation was to offer shelter to Jews and non-Jews, who were looking for the roots of their faith and of their acquired traditional beliefs and religious customs.

A growing number of Jews around the world have begun to answer the call in their souls to have a personal relationship with the God of Israel and to grow in it; and at the same time to experience and celebrate their acquired insight into who the Messiah is with fellow believers. A growing number of believers from churches around the world have also come to discover that the person of Jesus is in fact the Jewish Messiah Yeshua. See also this older article about the Jewish Messianic Platform.

This has become the beginning of a movement consisting of Jews and non-Jews, who in the Netherlands come together in Beth Yeshua. There the services are partly traditional Jewish, with personal interpretations and recognisability for the faithful from the nations. Another goal of the Jewish Messianic Platform has been to establish other, similar municipalities in the Netherlands. The result is a range of Messianic congregations and ‘fellowships’ which in their own way have given expression to this union of Jews and non-Jews (not to be confused with the ‘Messianic Platform’, which is another initiative).

The Lamdeni Bible School and the website, or e-magazine Woman of Valor, have also given expression to the ideals of the Jewish Messianic Platform. Education is now being given not only in Amsterdam, at Veluwelaan 20 in the building where the services of the municipality of Beth Yeshua, but also in Houten, in rented space in College De Heemlanden, De Slinger 48. See the website of Lamdeni for the current courses.

Twice a year a conference is held by the Shofar HaMashiach department in Houten in De Heemlanden building. There is also the Boekencentrum HaOr present, with its pop-up shop (also called flash store), where books and music can be viewed and bought in real time, without shipping costs! Our Jewish National Primary Fund has been allowed to transfer more than one million euros to special projects in Israel since the foundation of this fund.

And so the Jewish Messianic Platform grows in its services. There is active cooperation with municipalities and leaders in the Netherlands, America and Israel. Visit our services on the Sabbath, the Shabbat. We cordially invite you; and the coffee and tea is ready.

List of projects:
Bible school Lamdeni
Woman of Valor (e-magazine)
Shofar HaMashiach (conferences twice a year)
Book center HaOr
Jewish National Primary Fund (projects in Israel with financial and prayer support)
Jewish messianic synagogue Beth Yeshua (in Amsterdam, services every Shabbat and all Jewish festivals, with Torah and various speakers)