Our guest teacher in January 2019: Joseph Shulam

Ezekiel has been in heaven
In the perilous life, Ezekiel guided, the Eternal One could reach and use him as a prophet. As his wife died, Ezekiel could sympathize with the Eternal in the loss of Israel and drive her away from the presence of the Eternal One. Where has he prophesied, how is he robbed to his function, it is fascinating to see. The fall of Jerusalem and of the surrounding nations in the world. His life had not changed completely in heaven.

Preacher of resurrection from the dead
The prophecy of the serpent’s head in Genesis seems to be determined by what Ezekiel sees in the fall of Tire. Ezekiel sees the Good Shepherd and announces Him. In the famous Valley of the death bones, the resurrection power of the Eternal One does His work. This study shows that knowledge about Ezekiel and his unique Messianic prophecies is indispensable in a congregation with Jewish Messianic vision.

The following themes will be covered in this course:
1. Life in Babylon – as background to the great city of Babylon is in the 6th century before the common era. Also the reason why Ezekiel and the Jews lived in Babylon.
2. The prophetic career of Ezekiel.
3. Meeting with the fourth kind: the heavenly machine that lands, with strange dozens that come and go – a mechanical revelation for Ezekiel. The Merkava in the Jewish tradition.
4. The condition of Jerusalem in the days of Ezekiel – chapter 8 and chapter 16 in relation to 2 Chronicles 15:16 ff.
5. Ezekiel 16: 7-15 – a text that is used in the Haggada of Pesach, which is to be understood.
6. Changes in the Torah (Ezekiel 18 and Jeremiah 3: 28-29) – the right to change the Torah and the implications for the New Covenant.
7. The extent of G’ds grace and relationship to Israel and why?
8. “A watchman for the house of Israel,” Ezekiel.
9. Restoring and restoring Israel as the chosen people of Gd in their country.
Ezekiel 35-37 – The Valley of Achor and the Resurrection of Israel from the Valley of Deadbones. The implication of these prophecies for the Jewish people, the implications for the church and the implication for the world.
10. Restoring Israel and the priestly code / Temple / place of Israel under the sun.

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