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THE Jewish Messianic magazine of The Netherlands (in Dutch)

Functioning as a bridge is a challenging call to existing churches and synagogues, via media and internet. We are known. There are people who respond to this call by visiting our congregation, or our website, or by reading our magazine Melach HaArets. Much is happening in Holland. The Sabbath is being rediscovered as a part of G-d’s institutions meant as basis of a spiritually sound way of life. This alongside the work of the Messiah in His original Jewish environment, who came to sacrifice Himself and will come to establish G-d’s Kingdom in Jerusalem, indispensible for eternal life. Besides looking critically it is necessary to be open to each other and accept one another. Melach HaArets attempts to realise all these issues. Your involvement is of great importance.

Added value:
an original Jewish sound
Torah, Prophets, Writings and New Testament being made contextualised
getting to know viewpoints of today
concise studies giving a 3D helicopter view
Jews and Gentiles believing in Yeshua and Torah

Some of our topics:
our angle to the weekly Torah portions
archaeological findings
unique Torah topics (inter)national
Jewish National Firstfruits Fund for financial support toward Israel (€ 42.000 per year)

Prices (plus yearly gift to keep the price as it is:
€ 16.95 (inside The Netherlands)
€ 24.05 (inside Europe)
€ 29.95 (rest of the world)

Trial subscription of 3 editions: € 12.50 sent to your home
Single edition: € 4.50 plus postage
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Countries in the world with subscribers
Melach HaArets has subscribers in Aruba, Belgium, Curacao, Germany, France, Ireland, Israel, Surinam, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands and United States of America.

Word of appreciation
We thank our subscribers for their contribution they made each year. With your gift we are able to continue our magazine Melach HaArets. We would love to see your contributions again. They are needed so much in this time. They also show your being involved, which is very welcome to us. In order to cover costs we should have to ask more than the level of our prices now. But the price will stay the same. And all gifts are tax deductible.

Your response

  • I am very greatful and appreciative for your far reaching and enriching magazine Melach HaArets. The good studies and education. Thank you for the wealth and for translating the Scriptures in for me comprehensible language for daily life! Hartelijke groet, Shalom

    Gilberte Wilms Poesmans, Wespelaar, Belgium
  • My compliments for your magazine Melach HaArets. Each time it is pleasant reading this magazine. Greetings,

    Jewannes Hoekman
  • I read the magazine Melach HaArets with a lot of pleasure and with interest. I learn much from it and it deepened my faith, which I enjoy very much. Greetings,

    Gerda Hooijer
  • Where other people often publish to glorify themselves magazine Melach HaArets does its utmost to be obedient to the Good News. Loyal to Torah and completely like it ought to be taught within the Hebrew context of the Word of the Lord. Educating. Now I can work at being a mentsch with other people. With Continue Reading

    Cootje Spijker-Kort
  • Your magazine is very interesting to us! Especially the articles by mr. Peter Vreeken are unique! In “Beste Redactie” the questions are answered expertly. Warm greetings,

    An en Nico Rasch