Report of our conference on April 5 of 2009

For infornmation:

Yeshua observed Pesach, of course
On April 5 of 2009 the Jewish Messianic Congregation Beth Yeshua organized her one day conference again about Pesach with an open banquet. One hundred and thirty people were seated at festively decorated tables. Most of the participants heard for the first time the contents of the biblical Passover. Amazement was large when comparisons with the till then known meaning became clear to them. Emotion was present when it became known that this celebration has many similarities with the way Yeshua (Jesus) observed Pesach.

The Shuk, an educational and social place
At 1 p.m. the participants poured into the main hall of the gorgeous Estate Hotel. Situated in the richly forested environment this is a wonderful ambiance. After their arrival and cups of tea and coffee everyone went to the Shuk, the marketplace where all kinds of products were offered for sale. Our Books and Music Center HaOr, which now also sells Judaica, was present and needed a hall for itself, for all its products and to render comfortable space for the participants. There were products from Israel, in the field of good skin care and of hand-made jewelry. Interesting was the fact that the artist who made these hand-made necklaces, brooches, earrings, etc. and who lives in Jerusalem, was present to sell her products herself. Also our Midrasha (Bible School) Lamdeni was present, in order to show the new courses for the coming study year.

Back to the roots of biblical faith
The open meal was preceded by a study on the Jewish guests, presented by Lion Erwteman, Rosh Kehilla of Beth Yeshua. After an hour there was ample opportunity for questions and it was used well. Amazement was visible when the origin of our faith and the original meaning of the feasts were explained. Each year participants show disappointment and even feelings of being mislead concerning not being informed well by their own congregations. Often we hear people say literally that their eyes have been opened. Peopel were led back to the roots of biblical faith.

Original date, content and meaning
During the study and the explanation at the informative banquet it is made clear that this is only teaching and that the Pesach itself would take place on Wednesday evening April 8. The fact that date, content and meaning are handled so precisely has been appreciated. The participants understand that this part of the necessary restoration of the Bible and its rich message.
Your support is needed and welcomed
The price to register was only cost price. Nothing more than that. Extra financial support is welcome for our organization which does not receive governmental subsidy. Please write checks to Stichting Beit Hamidrash, in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), and send to: Post Office Box 35, 3990 DA Houten, Netherlands. Thank you in advance!