Ki Tavo

There is an interesting interaction between the text in Parashat Ki Tavo and that of the Haftorah portion. Ki Tavo deals with what has been commanded already in Shemot/Exodus 23:19 and Vayikra/Leviticus 23:10 which is the giving of the first fruits of the Land. After the Land had come into the hands of the Children of Israel the first fruits of the harvest were to be taken to the Temple.

They were to be taken to the G-d of Israel who had never forsaken His children and who had lead them through all the dangerous places with His protection and protectia, the Hebrew word for the VIP treatment His chosen always received and receive from Him. This G-d of Israel is the One who guides Israel throughout all history and all we can give Him back is part of what He gave us. In fact what we owe Him is our lives because He gave us life.

In the Haftorah portion Isaiah speaks very comforting and promising words to Israel. We need it so much because we are still waiting for the visible fulfillment of them. Isaiah says: “Arise! Shine! For your Light has arrived and the glory of Adonai has shined upon you. For, behold! Darkness shall cover the earth, and dense cloud the kingdoms; but upon you shall shine Adonai, and His glory shall be seen upon you” (chapter 60, verses1 and 2).

When Adonai created the earth He was very worried about His people Israel which he would call into existence after the first 20 generations. And because He knew they would need His special attention because of their position, their vulnerability and their need for growth in strength He called the Light to Himself (Genesis 1). The Light is the manifestation in which He would visit His children at the right time.

This Guide of Jewish History and this Light of the world will come soon in order to bring the Children of Israel to their full potential. Then He will save us and deliver us and bring peace. That promise has never been fulfilled yet. Messianic Jews like me recognise Yeshua in Him, not merely a man but the manifestation in which Adonai has chosen to visit His people.

It will be in dark times, like now. Kingdoms will be covered in dark clouds, like presently. But the Light will shine upon us like never before. Thirty five hundred years ago Adonai came down upon Mount Sinai in a way which is comparable with this promise spoken about by Isaiah. Completely with light effects. But peace didn’t come yet. We weren’t ready for it.

During the time of the prophets the Light shone through these highly wise men. But no peace yet. During the time of the Great Assembly the Light was present, but no peace resulted from it. Two thousand years ago Yeshua came. He called Himself The Light and He quoted and taught Torah like the best of our rabbis and prophets. He died and brought the great sacrifice Isaiah spoke about in his famous chapter 53, first ten verses. He rose from the dead and is called the First Fruit of all the dead who will rise to life as our prophet Daniel says in his chapter 12:1-2. But no peace resulted from it yet.

What Israel needs in her great need is to recognise Adonai as the Light of the World. And what the soul mates of Israel need is to cling on to this Light as the only way to restore and to heal. Israel and her soul mates need this Light, Yeshua, so much. He is the One who can replenish all the love we missed, all the power we lack, all the character we need, all the fruits in our work we want, all our need for attention and compliments we so much grow from.

The Sidra is called: Ki Tavo, When you enter (the Land). It is about time that Israel and her soul mates really enter the Land, the holy soil which is holy because Adonai is standing next to you. For now this can be wherever you are and wherever you live, wherever your home is and wherever you sleep. Allow the soil on which you stand to be holy. Let it be so because First Fruits, the Holy Guide of Israel, the Light, is next to you.

Shabbat shalom,
Lion S. Erwteman, Rosh Kehilla of Beth Yeshua
Amsterdam, Holland