Rosh Hodesh Shabbat, annual Selection: Parshat Miketz, Genesis 41.1-44.17
Holiday Selection, Rosh Hodesh – Hanukkah VI: Numbers 7.42-47; Zechariah 2.14-4.7
Special Selection: Numbers 28.9-15; Isaiah 66.1-24

Image: Pleiades, a configuration of seven stars), an eternal heavenly parallel of the Menorah (oil lamps holder) in the Temple in Jerusalem. Happy Hanukkah!

Joseph is in jail. Hunger compels his family to visit him. This results in father Jacob coming to visit his lost son. And finally in the people of Israel living in the wicked land of Egypt. The government tries to commit genocide on Israel. In the end Israel will be liberated from the claws of the Egyptian monster in what will become the greatest delivery act in history, Yetziat Mitzraim, the Exodus. The Egyptians and later the Greek and Romans were heavily involved in demon worship. Their leaders were even convinced that they descended from gods. It gave them certain power. Although the real political power was in the hands of the priests who controlled this evil spiritual realm. It is always scary to see priests which such vast political power like the Egyptian worship places, the Greek temples and the Roman churches.

The pharaohs of Egypt saw themselves as demigods. They represented their god on earth. They saw economic and agricultural wealth as a result of their divine power. And their power was in competition with the power of the gods, as were the pharaohs in competition with those gods. The pyramids were built in such a way that what has been viewed as strange tubes starting somewhere in the buildings and then ending blind, was found to be launch pads for the pharaoh post mortem to be catapulted into what he thought would be heaven. So the pharaoh of Joseph’s time stood “over” the River, 41:1. Not: at the banks of, but: over. Torah teaches that the man saw himself as a god and was mightier than the gods of the River, the gods of the Nile. There were several of them in the Egyptian religious system. Hapi, the spirit of the Nile, was the god of the Nile, portrayed as a transsexual man with breasts and a pregnant belly. Pharaoh was mightier than him.

The god Osiris, married to his sister Isis, is identified with this god. These names are known and used in occult circles nowadays, like the theosofists. Pictures of mother goddesses with child have been drawn into the Christian church and given different names. Then there was Khnemu of Khnum, guardian of the Nile. He built the first egg from which the sun came. And then there was Satet, goddess of the Nile and fertility. Such a sick system.

The appearance of Judaism in the world has changed the whole spiritual atmosphere. When in Holland cannibals used trees as boats to enter the area and kill people and introduced their wild religious systems which the Dutch people opened their hearts for, the Jewish people had their highly cultivated ethical and clean moral religious services to the G-d of Israel who is interested in life and protection, security and well-being. Victories like Hanukkah in which light is restored have been there many times in the course of Jewish history.

The spiritual warfare of the utter evil armies against our Jewish people has always been fierce and false, cruel and bloody. But Hashem has always used people like Joseph and Moses to lead us out of the wicked environments and into His promised Land. So Joseph was freed from the physical jail system of this wicked Egyptian land. He could not beat it and so he joined it, but not by joining the spiritual jail system. In the midst of this enormously evil environment Joseph was able to be used by Adonai and to be an instrument in the divine liberation of His people.

Shabbat shalom,
Lion S. Erwteman, Rosh Kehillat Beth Yeshua,
Amsterdam, Holland