Shabbat Zakhor, Deut. 25.17-19; I Samuel 15.2-34

In Parashat Tetzaveh Moshe goes deeply into what is expected of high priests and priests, kohanim. This is of importance for the well-functioning of this select group of the Jewish people. Their actions take place in the desert sanctuary, The Mishkan, but also in daily life. E.g. regulations concerning their dealing with those who passed away are part of it. This will be dealt with later in Leviticus 21. The priest, the kohen, is a privileged shadow of the Messiah. By looking at the functions of the priest we learn about Messiah.

One of those functions of the (high)priest is taking care of the continual presence of oil for the light in the Holy part of the Sanctuary. As the priest who takes care of the light, so is Torah in the Holy of Holies the light itself. Who gets to know Yeshua cannot permit himself of herself the “luxury” to not acknowledge Him as Messiah, the Anointed One. He illuminates our innermost being, our souls and our thinking. And that light we receive from Him we extinguish when we do not worship Him openly. By recognizing Yeshua as Messiah we will see more the way in which the Almighty One made the high priest function in the first place.

Another function of these priests is wearing the right clothing, as a sign of authority. Commandments concerning this are mentioned extensively in Torah. The highest authority on earth is vested in Messiah. Yeshua is the Messiah. He has, He is dressed with and He is the highest authority. Interesting? Authority has never been meant to be interesting. Authority is meant to be acknowledged. Or you chose not to acknowledge it. People do not acknowledge Yeshua’s authority if they does not acknowledge Him openly. And if they do not recognize Him they do not acknowledge the Most High who came to earth as Messiah.

There is also the breast plate for judgment. The Urim and Tumim are an important part of it. The high priest stands for the coming judgment. When we admit our sins and acknowledge Yeshua as the one who died for us, according to the formula described our Jewish prophet Isaiah (chapter 53:1-10) we will escape the coming judgment. The high priest wears a golden diadem, on which the text is inscribed Holy to the Lord, Kadosj LaAdonai. This holiness is possessed by no one on earth, in whatever church or synagogue. It is time for Messiah. It is time for Yeshua.

Shabbat shalom,
Lion S. Erwteman, Rosh Kehilla of Beth Yeshua
Amsterdam, Holland