Shavuot, deep desire to stay close to the Lord

A people group existing of exploited and oppressed people leaves a North-African country in the safe darkness of the night. They replaced human laws of that land with the divine laws of the G-d of Israel. No more whip lashes, no more child murder, no more forced idolatry.

Spiritual growth
Israel left her Egyptian captivity and was prepared to grow spiritually. A growth prepared by the atrocities in Egypt, starting as a journey with Pesach and visiting the Sinai desert and its mountain with the same name as important spiritual stop on the way. That journey took 50 days. Symbolic for Yovel Year, for remission of debts and for the coming of Messiah. His coming would be been made visible tentatively by the coming of the Lord on the mountain, accompanied by shofar sounds.

Ordinances of the Lord
A human being will not be liberated in order to live without laws. Neither should a human being be set free spiritually in order to live without the Law of the G-d of Israel who redeemed him. Behavior of people like Korah, a Jewish believer showed it. As has been made visible by the behavior of non-Jewish people who simply changed laws and times and holy days of the Lord into human laws.

Fifty days were fifty steps in the new life with the much demanding G-d of Israel. In other words, 49 (7×7) steps, because on the fiftieth day the Lord considered Israel able to receive His heavenly Word, to welcome, guard and apply it. A human being who knows his own borders and respects those of other people runs the risk of becoming happy. Egypt limited in a deadly way (mitzraim: limitations). The Lord gave us borders which He views as good for us. Let me give you 7 qualities, limitations, one for each one of the seven weeks: lovingkindness, discipline, compassion, ambition, humility, having a foundation, royal behavior.

Royal behavior
Beth Yeshua is a Jewish Messianic congregation, founded at the Feast of Booths in 1991, now more than 19 years old. The congregation is located in 21th century Amsterdam. In Beth Yeshua the Jewish faith is being practiced like it has been in 1st century Jerusalem and other cities and villages in Israel by Jews and non-Jews, who already then understood that it is possible to be Jewish and believe in Yeshua as Messiah. And that it is possible to be non-Jewish and to keep Torah. Beth Yeshua: a Jewish Messianic Congregation focused on royal behavior. And with a deep desire to stay close to the Lord.