Our conferences

Twice a year a conference is organised by Shofar Hamashiach around a holiday mentioned in the Torah. In the Spring this is around Pesach, the Jewish Easter. And in the Fall the angle is Sukkot, the Jewish Feast of Booths. Look for our advertisements on this website. They are the beginning and the end of the cycle of holidays described in the Torah. Themes like liberation, becoming a worthy human being, learning to listen, learning to become dependent on the Lord, obedience as art of living, assertiveness, all these and more are studied on these cosy days of study. Coffee, tea, sweet and tasty snacks, all this is presented without cost. A freewill offering for the day as a whole is asked. After each study there is opportunity for asking questions. And in the breaks there is ample opportunity to networking and socializing. By having these conferences we are clearly able to fill a need. The Netherlands and Belgium begin to discover the importance of Sabbath and of G-d’s will – as expressed in His statutes.

Intervening, cleansing and liberating by G-d is not an automatic given. This is His grace. And that makes it a mystery. Forgiveness is among other things a means to learn to respecting the Lord (Psalms 130:4). And to establish His name (Isaiah 43:25). G-d intervened when He came as a man, Yeshua, to us. He was and is always with us, even when we do not realize it. G-d works as always (Hebrews 13:8). Yeshua came for all and for each one who recognizes Him as Messiah (John 3:16). We need enlightenment of our thinking for that. And Passover haste. Intervening G-d did when He died and rose from the dead three days later (Isaiah 53:10). Mysterious. But very real.

Three purposese need to be accomplished during our stay in the sukka, the hut, which are realising: 1. where we came from; 2. how frail we are and how depending on Him; and 3. how others are involved in a process like ours, also on their way, so that we will be able to understand each other.  That will produce an attitude of humbleness and it will help recognising how fragile we are and dependent. We would love to meet you on one, or more, or, if possible, all of our conferences, which we organise with all sorts of love and pleasure!