Our HaOr shop & magazine Melach HaArets

Melach HaArets, Salt of the Earth, that is the name of our bimonthly magazine. THE Jewish Messianic magazine of The Netherlands! 

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The name Melach HaArets is meant to be a challenge: salting salt. Producing a tasty flavour and not tasteless, as saltless is by nature. Isn’t that the assignment of very person: to produce flavour, to leave a legacy, to make yourself indispensable. Salt has been a permanent part of the sacrifices in the Temple (Leviticus 2:13). The eternal kingship of king David has been confirmed by a covenant with salt (II Chronicles 13:5). And we still us a little bit of salt on the bread which we break out of gratefulness for the Lord and then eat. This and more is what you will find in Melach HaArets.

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Sections in Melach HaArets (in Dutch):
– studies of the holidays at their moments in the year
– archeology
– articles by authors from abroad
– announcements of our conferences (twice a year)
– weekly Torah studies by various authors
– issues for prayer regarding Israël
– page for children
– questions by readers and our answers
– projects in Israël
– who is who in Tanach

Take a subscription to Melach HaArets (Dutch). For more information call: +31 (0)20 – 890 69 55. Mail to: mha@beth-yeshua.nl. We‘re not just talking about a magazine, we’re talking about THE Jewish Messianic magazine of The Netherlands!