Threat of war Israel continues

The war against Israel continues. The army announced that in the past 24 hours 15 Qassam rockets have been fired at Israel from Gaza. These rockets are not aimed specifically at military targets. The inhabitants of Sderot know this very well and they experience this. The whole world would attack Israel if it dared to shoot with rockets at civilians. Even an attack at a civilian target admitted as wrong has been reason to accuse Israel systematically. But we hear no sound regarding the rocket attacks by Palestinians against Israeli civilians.

This Tuesday morning, October 23, Palestinians fired three Qassam rockets at the western Negev according to the Israeli army radio. There are no reports of casualties or damage.

Meanwhile Egypt allowed already some 85 Hamas terrorists from the beginning of the month of October to enter Gaza via Sinai territory. They only had to wait some months before they crossed the border in order to start their deadly actions. The group consists of experts in manufactoring bombs, rockets and mortars. They received extensive training in Iran and Lebanon.

Israel is becoming increasingly worried that Egypt will allow more Palestinian terrorists to enter the Gaza Strip through the Sinai border. This is the terrible prospect of an independent Palestinian state: an even greater freedom for terrorists to enter. The government and defense establishment are concerned over the closer ties Egypt and the Hamas government are forging in the Strip, as well as Egypt’s turning.

Recently released information indicates that no less than 1,650 RPG rockets and some 6,000 bombs have been smuggled into Gaza since the beginning of the year.

And then there is the rhetoric of war from the mouth of the president of Iran, Ahmadinejad. It is not idle rhetoric, but completely serious. Israel will be destroyed completely if it is up to him. Like in the thirties of the previous century this kind of threats aimed at Israel are not taken seriously by most of the world. Or even welcomed. After all several world leaders, both religious and political, are seriously interested in the destruction of Israel. The crusaders’ claiming Israel in general and Jerusalem in particular is still alive and kicking.