United Nations fail once again

The UN did it once again, closing its eyes for the attacks against Israel. This time it is mr. Holmes, John for intimi, but I will not become one. Holmes is the “UN undersecretary-general for humanitarian affairs”, the man who knows everything about humanitarian circumstances in the world. He is gravely critical regarding the defense Israel is performing since Qassam rockets are still being fired at Israel. Israel warned, threatened and now executes.
Israel softened its measures already, which prompted Hamas to say that they will continue with their rocket attacks. But Holmes only talks about them Israelites causing crisis to happen and no word concerning them Qassam rockets. Holmes does not talk about slavery which his free country did away with after killing thousands and thousands of blacks and of Americans who fought at the time against people like Holmes who are blind for their own mistakes.
Also the genocide against the American Indians is unknown to Holmes. This American is used to the images of movies about Indians. And that is what Hamas does to Israel, while the world enjoys watching and is silent about the Qassam rockets, but angry at Israel’s defense, while Israel is more and more limited to a restricted area, a reservation. I think Holmes suffers from the fact that he is only the “UN undersecretary-general for humanitarian affairs”. Perhaps he will become more humane once he reaches the top of the tree.