Welcome to these faith pages. By having published these pages

Welcome to these faith pages. By having published these pages and by maintaining their contents, we wish to first of all bring our guests into a closer contact with the question what one needs faith for. Many people live their lives without seriously asking themselves basic questions like: "Who is G-d?" or "What does one need faith in a god for?". Many people don’t even consider there to be a G-d. This is a very sad thing which can be the result of two things: someone has experienced a tragic situation in his or her life and considers G-d to be to blame for it, or that person may just not want to go through the "fuss" of finding out if there is a G-d or not.

Here at Beth Yeshua we don’t just believe in any god, but when we consider the facts in our lives, we must conclude that G-d exists and that He is very loving and true to the promises He made, which were written down by prophets, scribes and ordinary people in what we today call the Bible.

Besides considering essential questions like those just mentioned, we wish to offer you a variety of in-depth articles covering several topics; some more general like:


  • What is Messianic Judaism?


  • Why does Messianic Judaism distinguish itself from other groups within Judaism?


  • Why is there a difference between the faith in Yeshua within a messianic synagogue and the faith in Jesus within churches.

    other topics will be more specific, like:


  • Why didn’t Yeshua ever attempt, or even wish, to do away with the Torah?


  • What is the role of non-Jews within the congregation of believers?


  • How was the Shabbat cast away by the Roman Catholic church, and the first day installed in her place?

    Our goal for this section of our website, ultimately, is to offer a full scale online library, in which you will be able to learn more about what we believe is fundamental and should be fundamental in every persons life. Please understand that this library cannot all at once be an extensive one; we need time to add already published articles to it and to write new ones as well.

    We wish you good learning hours. Remember that learning is, and always has been essential in Jewish life. We are called to meditate on G-d’s Words. May these efforts contribute to that.