Who and what is Beth Yeshua? Read all about it.

Beth Yeshua (House of Yeshua) is a Dutch Jewish denomination. Jews and non-Jews form here one people of G-d and the middle wall of partition is broken down by sharing Torah and the love of G-d and of Yeshua. Beth Yeshua is a Messianic Jewish congregation, founded in 1991 by Lion and Elze Erwteman. They lead our congregation with a board of elders and an executive council. We open our House of Yeshua for everyone who feels at home with us, Jews and Gentiles. Beth Yeshua is part of a worldwide chain of Messianic Jewish congregations. Thousands and thousands of believers from the Jews have united themselves with believers from the Gentiles in these kinds of congregations, of which more than 400 exist worldwide (more than 90 in Israel!). Our connection with Israel is close.

Holy gatherings
Our services take place each Shabbat (Saturday) at 11.30 a.m. Beth Yeshua is a Torah observant congregation, where the parashat hashavua, the reading schedule of all synagogues in the Gallut is being used. Davidic dance and worship are part of the services and you are invited to participate. All high holidays and memorial days are celebrated and the Shoa commemorated yearly. The Jewish way of life is precious to us and we believe that Yeshua from Bethlehem is the Messiah, as promised in the Torah and the prophets. The Almighty One came to us as Yeshua to be the instrument of salvation for us and reconciliation with Him, for all those who acknowledge Him. In the service our Ba’al Koreh chants from the Torah scroll in Hebrew. Also the prophets (haftora) are read in Hebrew, both with translation. The New Covenant (B’rit Chadasha) is read in Dutch. During the services songs are sung in Hebrew and Dutch, sometimes English.

The congregation has 8 home groups, spread over the country of Holland. Members and candidate members have access. At 10 a.m. workshops are often taught in our Beit Midrasj (House of Study) with a variety of subjects. During the services there are several meetings for the children. Gan Yeladim (age 0 till 6) go to their classes after their beracha (blessing). Beth Yeladim (age 6 till 12) and Beth Chinuch (from age 9: children of our members who prepare for Bar and Bat Mitzvah) go to their own classes right before the derasha (preaching). Beth HaNoar (children of members from the age of Bar and Bat Mitswa) have their own meetings, though they join the services at times. Our youth from age 15 attends all services and have their own activities as well in youth group Lev.

Jewish and biblical traditions
As said we celebrate all biblical holidays and view these as the promises made by G-d that He give so many opportunities to get and stay close to G-d’s will. He shares Messiah with us in order to show and confirm the bond of love between Him and us. In each feast this comes out in a somewhat different way, especially at the Covenant Meal of Yeshua (Se’udat HaAdon, the Lord’s Supper) which he ordained at His last Pesach celebration with His students. New believers in the G-d of Israel are immersed in the Mikvah in our congregation. The Jewish identity and way of life are precious to us, expressing our faith in Israel’s Messiah and visible in our traditions. We appreciate it when you would use a head covering, kipah. A tallit, prayer shawl, is only used by our members, unless you are Jewish and are using it already.

The Jewish Messiah, for Jews and non-Jews
We believe in the inerrant Word of G-d as the only authoritative book existent. We believe in the love of Adonai Avinu (G-d our Father) to make Yeshua the means, by His death and resurrection from the dead (Isaiah 53:10), to reconciliation between Him and us, who believe in Him. We believe also in the guidance and consolation by His Ruach haKodesh, the Holy Spirit (Psalm 51:13-14). Many times the Almighty One manifested himself to people, as a human being, in fire and in other ways, as described by Tanach. We believe that Yeshua from Bethlehem is the Jewish Messiah, having come as leper and soon returning as king, as promised in the Torah and the prophets (Deut.18:18; Micah 5:2; Zech.12:10; Zech.14:3-4, 16). Placing your trust in Yeshua as your Messiah is originally, and still for Jewish, a Jewish matter (read Acts 10:45). In this way believers from the Jews and from the nations are connected through Yeshua and through Torah, which was fully observed by Yeshua. We see that our Jewish people is getting into a close personal relationship with the G-d of Avraham, Yitzchak and Ja’akov through Yeshua the Messiah. We see how believers, also from the nations, get deeper insight into the Jewish roots of their faith. And we see how our faith and trust in the Messiah begins to express itself with the joy of our rich culture, history and heritage.

Translation and CDs
If you need translation we have a system to assist you. Introduce yourself to the coordinator of that particular Shabbat service. All of our services are on cd. Please ask the coordinator how to acquire them. You can acquire them through email: CDdienst@beth-yeshua.nl.

Further activities and documentation
Our Foundation Beth Yeshua Nederland has a bi-monthly publication of magazine Melach HaArets (Salt of the Earth), in the Dutch language. One can subscribe to it for € 16,95 per year. A preliminary subscription is available. Subscriptions can be acquired through calling: +31 (0)20 – 890 69 55 or email: mha@beth-yeshua.nl. This magazine gives information on biblical insights and ideas within the Dutch and international Messianic Jewish movement. It in you will find Bible studies, description of the feasts and poems.

National Firstfruits Fund (JNEF)
A special and precious task of the Foundation Beth Yeshua Netherlands is informing donors about specific Messianic Jewish congregations and organizations, to which they give prayer support and financial assistance  via our Jewish National Firstfruits Fund. This National Fund pays yearly an amount of € 42,000.- to these projects, where Messianic Jewish work is being done. Mail to: JNEF@beth-yeshua.nl or call +3120 – 890 69 50 (Tuesdays and Thurdays) for more information.

More education
Our congregation has vision for biblical education. That is why we have a Education Centre, called Lamdeni(“Teach me”), where there is the opportunity to attend classes. Please ask for information and documentation and get in touch through phone number: +3120 – 890 69 56. Or mail to: info@lamdeni.nl.

Books and Judaica
One of Beth Yeshua’s divisions is a book centre, where unique books on Messianic Judaism are being sold. It is a mail order company. Also in the general field of Torah, Bibles, and subjects like Halacha books are available, as well as audio cassettes and CDs produced by Messianic Jewish musicians. The department of Judaica sells precious items like silver wash cups for hands, talit, mezuza and beautiful wall decorations. See our website for books: https://beth-yeshua.nl/en/shop; phone number: +31 (0)20 – 890 69 57.

Education for women
We have a special website for women from women. It’s called www.womanofvalor.org and many good topics are there for those interested.

Talking and counseling
Our congregation offers the opportunity to just talk and also counsel with our prayer team. After the services on Shabbat you are invited to make use of this service.

Loyalty and respect
We are a family for those who are without one, a sounding board for those who experience joy and all of us are blood relatives through Yeshua. Our congregation is proof of the possibility to being Jewish and at the same time believe in Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah. We are also proof that Jews and non-Jews belong together as one flock to worship and follow our Messiah (Isaiah 56:6-7), next to obeying the Torah. We would like to share Yeshua with all of our Jewish people. But that is only possible in an atmosphere of mutual trust, respect and humility. We like to think, live and serve as followers of Yeshua. That loyalty and respect we expect from you as well.

Financial gifts
We thank all those that support us though prayer and other means, like encouraging letters and email and through financial support. You may be surprised to learn how much even a small contribution can help. Use our donation button on this website idf you want. Or use our bank account number: 521.650.054 (IBAN: NL44ABNA0521650054; the BIC or Swift Code is: ABNANL2A), to: Beth Yeshua in Amsterdam, Netherlands. For more information about us, call us or send us an email. We will be glad to give you information on the Messianic Jewish movement in The Netherlands in all its aspects.

Address information
Building address: Veluwelaan 20, Amsterdam (close to RAI and Kennedylaan), The Netherlands.
Email: info@beth-yeshua.nl
Phone: +31 (0)20 890 69 50 (Tue. and Thur. from 9.30 a.m. – 5 p.m.)