Woman of Valor

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molding your daily faith
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The Jewish roots of the Bible as foundation of your life

eMagazine: womanofvalor.org

This website came into existence in July of 2007 and launched in October 2007

Website for women by women

Called to be a woman of valor
In this e-magazine we express our faith and hope by means of articles, art, photographs, song and dance. This will help us to grow and improve in character. Through this we also hope to make a contribution in making this world a better place. We are women who search the scriptures and serve the Gd- of Israel as Jews and non-Jews together. G-d loves all races and all peoples of the earth. We believe women, like men, play an important role in this. Every woman who serves G-d is called to be a woman of valor. The goal of this e-magazine is to help each of us women to become a woman of valor.

Made in the Image of G-d
Every human being is made in the Image of G-d. He created us male and female. These two together are being created to become one and given the commandment to be fruitful and multiply. These commandments demand from all of us great responsibility for our ways of living. Already in Paradise we showed that we use our free will against the will of G-d. Anytime we do so trouble is coming our way. We were expelled from the presence of Gd- after disobeying His commandments. Humankind suffers continually the consequences of the wrong use of free will against the Creator.

The people of Israel are the instrument of G-d in bringing the Kingdom of G-d and salvation to the world: to them are given the Torah, the Covenants, the land of Israel, the Messiah and the Glory. Therefore Israel has a great responsibility to the world, read Romans 3:2 and 9:4). Israel is not more nor better than other people as we read in the Bible. But they are chosen to be an instrument of G-d to bring this message of salvation to the world. Israel needs a fair treatment and protection from the world because of this. The world will be judged according to the way it treats Israel.

What we believe
We believe in the G-d of the Bible, being the G-d of Israel and also the Creator of every human being. We also believe the Bible is the Word of G-d. Because of this we consider all commandments, positive and negative important to keep and we try to follow them as they apply. We believe G-d chose Israel to be His people to bring salvation to all nations and we believe that Messiah Yeshua is the promised Messiah in the Bible for all of humanity.

We want to be women of valor
We want to be part of the world becoming a better place, with societies where people have freedom to choose to know G-d and obey his rules in freedom as we can learn from Jewish history.

Elze Erwteman, Chief Editor