Yeshua and Torah old


The deliverance of Israel out of Egypt (Yetziat Mitzraim) and the giving of Torah (Matan Torah) are fundamental issues in the Jewish religion. That is why Jewish leaders like Shaul (Paul) and Yeshua (Messiah of Israel) have been teaching about these events. The New Testament is filled with puns and hints as well as direct references to this great delivery (e.g. Pesach) and the giving of Torah (e.g. Feast of Weeks, called Pentecost by Christians).

As the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil was planted in Gan Eden (Paradise) for educational purposes – and not to be eaten from -, the Tree of Life is the heavenly Scroll which only Messiah is worthy to open. Our copies of Torah which we use in our synagogues show us our unworthiness, but they teach us the way to become tzadik: worthy in G-d’s eyes. So let us appreciate the heavenly present of Torah by doing and applying it fully. It’s worth it. 

Beth Yeshua is a Jewish Messianic congregation, founded at Sukkot of 1991. The congregation is established in Holland, in the city of Amsterdam of the 21st century. In Beth Yeshua the Jewish faith is practiced, like it has been done in the first century in Jerusalem and other cities and villages in Israel by Jews and non-Jews who appreciated that Yeshua is the Messiahא.

אRead: Yeshua, the only one with the right CV